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View consequences of the verdict in the case Apple vs. Samsung

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Processes between Apple and Samsung continues, but the South Korean company saw a major defeat in the U.S.. Court ruled that Samsung has to pay damages of $ 1 billion to Apple. View consequences if Apple vs verdict. Samsung, which affects not only the companies, but global electronics market.

With open processes on 4 continents, Apple recorded the first important victory against Samsung, a company accused of copying iPhone design. Of damages sought by Apple, for $ 2.5 billion, U.S. court ruled that Samsung will only pay 1.05 billion, writes HuffingtonPost.

1. More than penalties

Samsung lawsuit against Apple for infringement of patents has been solved their all in favor of American. Samsung has demanded damages of 399 million, but currently does not receive any money from Apple. Samsung issues but not limited to damages that the company can afford to pay, but targeting many other consequences.

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