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Europe is threatened by smart observation technologies

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TrapWire is a company that creates software for predictive technologies and systems in order to find patterns of recognition of terrorists. INDECT is a research project in the field of intelligent security systems financed by the European Union. The project aims automatically detecting criminal threats by processing data from the networks of closed circuit cameras.
Rumors about TrapWire and INDECT, show that they want to combine intelligent observation technologies with location data, people profile and facial recognition systems to monitor people who may be dangerous. TrapWire is in the process of being implemented in the U.S., while INDECT is still in draft stage in Europe.
A large number of activists anti INDECT and TrapWire belive that the observation systems are direct threats to privacy of people and their implementation could constitute human rights violations. The intention of those who disagree this idea is to organize a protest on October 20, 2012 against INDECT and TrapWire observation systems.

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