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Yahoo Messenger

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1 Yahoo Messenger on Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:25 am


Security messenger

Messenger viruses are becoming more sophisticated and more common. To avoid infection, treated with the same care Messenger will treat e-mail. These tips will help you avoid viruses into:

Not always click

Do not click on any link received the messenger until you confirm first that the person really wanted to send you the link. This includes links in the messages received offline or "away" - these posts "away" is often the target messenger viruses.

Beware of messages with attachments

Do not open attachments received unannounced - check that the person really wanted to send that attachment. Before opening any attachments, check it with antivirus first.

More is not better

Keep the number of types used as small messenger. Messenger viruses are meant for specific customers, although they can be and all messenger viruses. For example, the 2002 virus FloodNet messenger sent his message to both users Virus messenger AIM and MSN. Thus, you use different kinds of messaging, the more likely to come across a virus.

What to do if your messenger is Virus

If you are still messenger virus Remember now all contacts from the list are vulnerable. To avoid sending the virus to others, will disconnect from the Internet until you manage to devirusati program. If you need Internet access to get a virus or updates, ask a friend or use their computer and write files on a CD. If you can not, uninstall Messenger devirusati computer until you succeed. Of course, if you update the antivirus daily, lower chances of being virus.

In addition to those you know with all available in the chat, Yahoo Messenger also has a number of sites hidden emoticons.
Pt.asta, you just need to type in the edit field of the message within the code symbol and it will appear in the chat.
Hidden emoticons

Yahoo Multi Messenger without any software

Steps to follow:
1) Press "Start" then "Run" then type "regedit" and click OK
2) In the menu that opens click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" then "Software". There looking for "Yahoo", enter that folder and then the "pager" and "Test"
3) Right click "New", "DWORD Value" called that entry "plural", then double click and enter the "Value" number of windows Messenger that you want to use.

Accounts of Y! Messenger does not "break"

No wonder that so called programs to show you id write password, or send an email to a specific address and your password and account id which i want to know password.
Instead, accounts are stolen.

There are two methods:
1.Folosirea a scam page.Adica a fake website that mimics the one at
2.A keylogger that holds all the keys pressed (? Key? Logs). Find passwords of Y! Messenger and saves it to a separate file, do ss-s, send different information.

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