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Asus M4A89 Core Unlocker

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1 Asus M4A89 Core Unlocker on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:28 am


Those from ASUS have launched a technology called Core Unlocker. This technology unlocks dormant cores of AMD, if they are functional.
Probably now wondering "how that is latent nuclei?". The answer is quite simple: AMD processor with two cores were actually 4 cores, but 2 of them are disabled by the manufacturer.

Alleged reasons are:

Some processors with 4 cores not working properly so it was disabled 2 cores and were sold as dual core to not throw.
It is assumed that AMD wanted to have two processors with 4 cores but also to cover the entire range. The fabrication technology is simple to do all 4 cores and two you want to disable dual core.

Any of these factors were true, motherboards ASUS Core Unlocker available technology might make a very important economy budget, buy an AMD Dual Core and the touch of a button you Smile Quad Core).

Core Facility Unlocker is available in a range of ASUS M4A89. By activating the switch plate, M4A89GTD PRO will maximize the operating power level of three or four cores, additional force is welcome for many-tasting or work hard.

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