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Story malware, virus

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1 Story malware, virus on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:43 am


What is malware?
Malware is short for "malicious software" refers to any such harmful software created to run on unauthorized and hidden from the user computer. In conclusion, any program that affects your computer, called the generic term is malware.

What is a virus?
The virus is a program that at first glance looks like any other, but with the ability to multiply, to infect various files on your computer, remove information, etc.. Viruses are transmitted from one computer to another computer via removable media (floppy disk, memory stick etc..) Or via the Internet (email, websites, etc..).
Basically a virus is a program that acts according to the instructions inserted in the code. The rule, as it is later found a virus, even damage caused by the dimensions are larger.

What is a worm?
Worms are viruses that do not infect other files, but only multiply. They create a single, looking for ways to spread on other computers. Methods "favorite" spreading are: email, application type "messenger" or file sharing applications, like torrents, etc.. A worm infects the computer system, not files.

What is a Trojan?
Programs type "Trojan" are applications that perform different tasks, such as stealing passwords, the various codes present on the computer, uncontrolled distribution of emails, registration activities performed by the user computer, etc.. and installed without user knowledge and consent.
Trojans, viruses or worms unlike can not spread themselves.
Trojans can be classified as follows:

backdoors - once installed programs that provide secret communication channel between the filmmaker and Trojan infected computer, allowing remote control of the computer;
password stealers - programs that are designed to record the user passwords and send them to the infected computer hacker.
logic bomb - programs that perform dangerous operations under certain conditions.

What is a keyloggers?
English Keyloggers are programs for recording key pressed by the user and used, for example in the Trojans to obtain confidential information (eg passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, etc..). These programs run in the background and are invisible to a normal user.

What is spyware?
Spyware are programs that are designed to spy and secretly obtain information about a computer or more. Generally they follow the data of interest such as computer access passwords, credit card numbers, PIN codes, e-mail. Also, these programs can make an Internet traffic monitoring performed by the user and transmits that information to those who have planted spyware software.

What is adware?
Adware are programs that, using the browser vulnerabilities or naive user installs computer and opens pop-up windows or new tabs with ads.
Adware can change the browser's address (home page) or redirect Web addresses (URLs) misspelled or incomplete address bar or search your are directed to sites such gambling or pornographic websites.
These programs are difficult to detect in the system, they neinstalandu is that any program, meaning that you will not find the icon on the desktop, you will not see in Start-Programs and you will not find the file Uninstall to remove them.
Adware is installed automatically with some free or shareware programs that dv install them on different sites on the Internet and / or sometimes accompany pirated programs.

What is drive-by download?
If when you visit certain sites, especially when looking for a "serial number" or a "patch" for any software, note that some programs try to install on your computer, you should know that these programs are the result of insertion of control servers whose virus was made by hackers and are called "drive-by download".

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