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ntel Moorestown Atom promises low power consumption

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Today's users not only thinking the performance, they began to think of energy consumption. Looks like those from Intel launches new generation of chips that reduce the more than 50 times the energy of the platform in "idle" while raising his level of performance and reducing its size. Intel Atom (previously codenamed "Moorestown"), benefits both the architecture that reduces power consumption and the experience in the design of transistors and circuits and its unique production processes. New technology ensures power consumption significantly MIC1 and prepare the company to address a wide range of computing devices, including smartphones, tablets and other mobile handheld high-end segment. Chips Intel integrates classic strengths - outstanding performance to run a growing number of media applications and Internet applications, various software options and the ability to work easily in multitasking mode - for more applications, between the HD video and multi-point video conferencing. "Intel brings to market its first product that opens the Intel Architecture market share of smartphones," said Anand Chandrasekher, Intel Senior Vice President & General Manager of Ultra Mobility Group. "The" Moorestown ", Intel scales and benefits of IA while significantly reducing energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions of its devices, to better address market segments for handheld devices.

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