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Mozilla will focus on security add-ons in Firefox 17

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Add-ons are an important part of the experience that users have with the Firefox browser. Therefore, to improve the quality of this experience, Mozilla plans increasing security add-ons that you use with the release of Firefox 17.

"Often add-ons must interact with the content of a page and mixing with the non-privileged privileged code without compromising security can be difficult," said Jorge Villalobos, head Mozilla developers responsible for relations with add-ons, quoted by PC World.

Mozilla will focus on security add-ons in Firefox 17

Therefore, to enhance information security with the launch Firefox 17, the developers of add-ons will have to use a white list in that specific website access to information in their add-ons.

If Firefox 15 will be released in late august, it is estimated that Firefox 17 will occur by the end of November.

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